Press Centre

The Press Centre is the department which provides prompt and unbiased information to citizens on the institutional activity, measures and direction, as decided by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ensuring unbiased information for the public on the M.A.I. organisation, activities, projects and results is one of the most important missions of the Press Centre.

The Press Centre establishes and develops productive relations with the media representatives, based on the principles of equidistance and transparency, supporting the journalists in their documentation, providing them with data and information subject to the Freedom of Information legislation on issues in the home affairs area.

At the same time, the Press Centre ensures necessary documentation for the MAI leadership on the issues on the public agenda, on the way the activity of the M.A.I. component units and staff is covered in the media, and drafts various analysis and documentaries on particular topics.

Also, through its specially assigned personnel, the Press Centre ensures that the current legal provisions regarding the citizens’ free access to public information and transparency in decision-making process in the public administration are fully complied with.


Telephone / fax: 004(0)
Monday-Friday: 07:00 - 20:00 / Saturday, Sunday: 08:00 - 16:00